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ILNS > ILNS Volume 18 > Wireless Networks for Medical Applications
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Wireless Networks for Medical Applications

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With recent developments in the wireless networks field, new and innovative medical applications based on this technology are being developed in the research as well as commercial sectors. This trend has just started and the paper predict wireless networks are going to become an integral part of medical solutions due to its benefits in cutting down healthcare costs and increasing accessibility for patients as well as increasing the efficiency of the healthcare professionals. Same papers give some background on applications of wireless networks in the medical field and discuss the issue and challenges. It also tried to identify some of the standards in use. Another contribution due to this paper is the identification of innovative medical applications of wireless networks developed or currently being developed in the research and business sectors and also talk about the future trends in this field.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 18)
C. A.D. Pahalson, "Wireless Networks for Medical Applications", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 18, pp. 29-37, 2014
Online since:
July 2014

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