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Determination of Bispyribac Sodium 10% SC (Herbicide) Residue Level in Straw, Grain and Soil Using HPLC Method

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A field trial was conducted to evaluate the residues of Bispyribac sodium 10 % SC on rice crop during Kharif season 2013 at Kandikai in Thiruvallur District, Tamilnadu, India. Randomized block design was followed withthree treatments forthree replicates. Bispyribac sodium 10 % SC 200 g a.i./ha, 500 g a.i./ha and control (water spray) was sprayed using hand operated Maax battery sprayer with a spray volume of 300 litres per hectare at 15 days after transplantation of rice crop (ADT 45). At harvest, samples of grain, straw and soil were collected replicate wise from each treatment along with the control. These samples were stored in icebox and transfer to the laboratory under cooled condition for analysis.All the residues samples were analyzed for Bispyribac sodium content by a validated HPLC method at the minimum detectable concentration of 0.01 ppm. The result revealed that no detectable level of Bispyribac sodium in straw, grain and soil at harvest. Thepost treatmentand pre-harvest intervalwas 60 days after transplantation.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 17)
C. Tamilselvan et al., "Determination of Bispyribac Sodium 10% SC (Herbicide) Residue Level in Straw, Grain and Soil Using HPLC Method", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 17, pp. 30-40, 2014
Online since:
June 2014

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