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ILNS Volume 16

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Biosystematics Studies on the Greens Used by Local Inhabitants of Pothamalai Hills in, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu, India

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The present study mainly focuses on the ethno-botanical importance of greens, used by the Pothamalai, Puduppatti, Vadugam, Malaiyampatti, Seerappalli and Rasipuram local people in Namakkal districts. From this investigation 25 species of green belonging to19 genera and 13 families are recorded. This information regarding on correct botanical identity with family, vernacular name, systematic description and medicinal uses was observed. During the survey brought out some popular medicinal plants frequently used by the local villagers for minor ailments such as felt by the respondents were greens are good for health, increase the blood level, clear vision, to cure sore in the stomach and mouth, prevent the jaundice, cure the heart diseases, release the knees pain, and sugar disorder. The greens are good food for children and give essential nutrient for pregnant women.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 16)
G. Sathiyaraj and R. Kumuthakalavalli, "Biosystematics Studies on the Greens Used by Local Inhabitants of Pothamalai Hills in, Namakkal District, Tamil Nadu, India", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 16, pp. 19-31, 2014
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May 2014

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