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Assessment of Biomarker with Special Reference to Antioxidant Level in Blood as Occupational Exposure of Sewage and Garage Workers

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The present study deals with the estimation of antioxidant levels in blood of sewage and garage workers exposed to sewage water, washing water and vehicular air pollution compared with control group of population. The study areas were selected on the basis of drainage clearance and wards where workers are active as sewage workers. For garage workers, the garage selected was a large and busy one where continuous vehicles washing, repairing etc are carried out. These two exposed groups were compared to non-exposed group of population as control. The blood samples were collected from two groups of exposed population as well as control population and the antioxidant levels were estimated in blood. The present results clearly indicate that there was decreasing trend of the antioxidant level in blood for sewage and garage workers. In the control groups of population the antioxidant levels were found to be within normal range, but for sewage workers (0.14-0.36 mM) and garage workers (0.12-0.36 mM) the antioxidant levels were significantly lower. The range of antioxidant level in human blood is 0.5 to 2.0 mM. It was found to be significantly lower (P < 0.001 or 0.05) in addicted sewage and garage workers when compared with non-addicted groups. All the exposed groups were showed to be having significantly lower antioxidant level when compared to control groups. This study is a preliminary assessment to know the potent biomarkers for oxidative stress and estimation of antioxidant level in blood due to occupational exposure. This study shows a way for easy screening of biomarker assessment but further work is needed in relation to biochemical, enzymological and genetic damage study.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 14)
R. Basu et al., "Assessment of Biomarker with Special Reference to Antioxidant Level in Blood as Occupational Exposure of Sewage and Garage Workers ", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 14, pp. 40-50, 2014
Online since:
April 2014

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