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Phytopharmacological Study of Red, White and Black Variety of Abrus precatorius L.

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Abrus precatorius L. is a leguminous plant of family fabaceae. Plant parts are widely used for medicinal purpose in different region of the world. Seed behavior and phytochemical evaluation of different solvent extracts (i.e. Petroleum ether, Ethyl acetate, Methanol & Water) of leaf and seed of red, white and black varieties of Abrus precatorius L. is carried out in the present study. This study indicates presence of different phytoconstituents i.e. alkaloids, steroids, glycosides, proteins, etc. the present study concludes that the plant parts can be used as very good natural remedy to diagnosed variety of dieses.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 14)
N.H. Garaniya et al., "Phytopharmacological Study of Red, White and Black Variety of Abrus precatorius L.", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 14, pp. 1-11, 2014
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April 2014

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