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Survey of Indoor Air Pollution and Health Symptoms at Residential Buildings

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This survey work summarizes the generation of indoor air pollutants (IAPs) through household products and activities and also the probable health symptoms of IAPs were discussed through questionnaire in the residential buildings of urban and semi urban area when compared to rural (control) area by door to door survey. The IAPs are categorized as physical, chemical and biological and surveyed as per the product(s) usage in the closed room of buildings. The survey results of IAPs generated from household products and activities, these are asbestos, fine particulate matters and ash as physical pollutants. The chemical pollutants are carbon mono and di oxide gases, phthalates; DDT, chlordane, heptachlor, o-phenylphenol; PBDEs, Formaldehyde, Other Aldehydes, lead, benzene, chloroform, para-dichlorobenzene, methylene chloride, perchloroethylene, styrene, benzene, formaldehyde, terpenes, styrene, phthalate esters, toluene, Propellant, pesticides, PAH, NOx, acrylamide, VOCs, acetone, HCl gas and biological pollutants are bacteria, fungi, viruses, house dust mites, animal dander; cockroaches, microbial spore. In respect to established health impact data, the health symptoms were recorded after survey in two areas viz. urban and semi urban area. The health symptoms were recorded as eye, nose, and throat irritation; allergic reactions, respiratory irritation, aggravated asthma, influenza and other infectious diseases may be the generation of IAPs. The urban and semi urban area are compared with rural (control) area in which no symptoms were found as per discussion. In the present survey it was concluded that the generation of IAPs may from household products and activities in the urban and semi urban area due to less ventilation facilities when compared to rural (control) area. This is a preliminary observation, further researches are needed in relation to measurement of physical, chemical and biological indoor pollutants in closed room of residential buildings and also health hazards study of residents by haematological, biochemical, enzymological and genotoxicological parameters.


International Letters of Natural Sciences (Volume 13)
S. Sarkar et al., "Survey of Indoor Air Pollution and Health Symptoms at Residential Buildings", International Letters of Natural Sciences, Vol. 13, pp. 17-30, 2014
Online since:
Apr 2014