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Volume 81, February 2019

International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy

ISSN: 2299-3843


Volume 81

Online since: February 2019

Description: This volume of the International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy comprises the latest scientific outputs concerned with evaluation of the effectiveness of chitosan as a coagulant in the treatment of rubber processing effluent in comparison with Iron (III) Chloride; identification of the photocatalytic degradation of Malachite green dye from simulated wastewater using calcinated and uncalcinated ZnO as photocatalysts as well as investigation of the interactions of sulforhodamine B or ethyl eosin with cetylpyridinium bromide.
The issue also presents a mini-review devoted to the observation of morphological and structural properties of porous silicon.


Volume 80

Online since: December 2018

Description: This volume of the International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy reports the latest findings on the estimation of the effect of certain operational parameters during the adsorption of methyl violet dye by white potato peel powder from aqueous solution; characterization and analyses of the initial Shivee-Ovoo coal and its hard and liquid products after pyrolysis; determination of the distribution coefficients, kDs, and the dimerization in carbon tetrachloride/water and diethylether/water as well as identification with further modification of the structural properties of porous silicon layer by using laser assisted electrochemical etching.


Volume 79

Online since: August 2018

Description: The volume of the journal International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy presents the latest investigations dealt with synthesis, characterization and biological activity of the special hydroxyacetophenones and its metal complex as well as of the series of new spirooxindole derivatives; calibration of therapy level ionization chamber at 60Co teletherapy beam and its further using for radiation therapy.


Volume 78

Online since: April 2018


Volume 77

Online since: January 2018


Volume 76

Online since: October 2017


Volume 75

Online since: August 2017


Volume 74

Online since: June 2017


Volume 73

Online since: April 2017


Volume 72

Online since: January 2017