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Building a New Software of Electromagnetic Lenses (CADTEL)

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The Computer Aided designing Tools for Electromagnetic Lenses (CADTEL) is a new software as application package of programs concept to aid both users and professionals in symmetric and asymmetric electromagnetic lenses with single, double, and multipole piece in electron microscope of electron optics field. The CADTEL software has been designed to run on several computer platforms and includes two types of design procedure. The first one named, analysis procedure (which is based on trial and error) where consist of three sorts called; H1 programs for magnetic scalar potential by solving Laplace's equation [1,2], H2 and H3 programs for magnetic vector potential by solving Poisson's equation [3,4] in linear and non linear media respectively. While the second part, named H4 programs for the synthesis procedure (inverse design). The previous types differ by the obtaining the magnetic flux density, and poles shape, while it is analog by compute and plot the lens properties which are operating at zero, low, high, and infinite magnification conditions (operation modes). CADTEL software consist of computational and plot steps of magnetic field, equipotential surfaces, flux lines, objective and projector properties, and poles shape for proposed lens design which are appear in auto visual interfaces, that are coded in visual basic language [5].


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 9)
H. S. Hasan, "Building a New Software of Electromagnetic Lenses (CADTEL)", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 9, pp. 46-55, 2013
Online since:
March 2013

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