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Mesomorphism Dependence on Cis-Trans Configuration and Varying Terminal/Lateral Group

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A chalconyl trans vinyl ester homologous series of thermotropic liquid crystals RO-C6H4-CH=CH-COO-C6H4-CH=CH-CO-C6H3 (OCH3)2 meta-para is synthesized and studied with a view to understand and establish the relation between molecular structure and mesomorphism or mesomorphic behaviors. Novel homologous series consists of thirteen homologues (C1 to C18). First five (C1 to C5) homologues are nonmesogenic. Rest of the homologues (C6 to C18) homologues is mesogenic. Monotropically smectogenic character appears from C6 to C10 homologue and C12 to C18 homologues are enantiotropically smectogenic. Nematogenic property is totally absent throughout a series. Textures of smectic phase are of the type smectic A or C. Transition curves of a phase diagram behaved in normal manner. Analytical, spectral and thermal data supports the molecular structures of homologues. Odd-even effect is observed for Sm-I/I-Sm transition curve. Thermal stability for smectic is 93.7 °C and the mesomorphic phase lengths from enantiotropic homologues for smectic from minimum to maximum is 6.0 °C to 28.0 °C at the C12 and C18 homologue respectively. Series is smectogenic without exhibition of nematic property. The group efficiency order on the basis of thermal stability is derived; from comparative study of present series and analogous series.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 65)
G.N. Bhola and U. C. Bhoya, "Mesomorphism Dependence on Cis-Trans Configuration and Varying Terminal/Lateral Group", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 65, pp. 71-79, 2016
Online since:
Apr 2016