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Effect of M2+ Substitution on Properties of the System Nix Zn1-x-y My Fe2O4

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The four types of ferrites have been prepared by co-precipitation technique(Ni Zn Fe2O4,Mg Fe2O4,Mn Fe2O4, Cd Fe2O4). The prepared ferrites were sintered at 800C ̊. Then using the these types of ferrite to prepared the final Synthesis Nix Zn1-x-y My Fe2O4wereM2+=(Mg,Mn,Cd)with (X=0.3),(Y=0.4) to be six samples halve of these as pressed pellets (12.3 mm diameter, 5-4mm thickness) and later halve as triodes (Rin=9.85mm,Rout=19.4mm). All of them were sintered at (1100 °C) for (2 hr). (XRD) Technique was used to study the structure of matrix Nix Zn1-x-y My Fe2O4, the apparent density , and porosity were calculated, The electrical characteristics for these samples included the measure of A.C current as the dielectric constant was calculated (έ ) ,loses factor (tan δ) was measured at the same frequency range (20Hz - 3MHz) to calculate the imaginary part of dielectric constant and also the magnetic properties was measured by the same equipment, (initial permeability μ ) was calculate after measuring the inductors (L), the VSM Technique was used to study hysterics lope behavior of these samples.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 63)
N. H. Alwash et al., "Effect of M2+ Substitution on Properties of the System Nix Zn1-x-y My Fe2O4", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 63, pp. 42-48, 2016
Online since:
January 2016

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