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International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
Volume 60

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Molecular Rigidity/Flexibility Dependence of Mesomorphism

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A novel chalconyl homologous series of liquid crystalline derivatives; RO - C6H4- CH : CH - COO - C6H4-CO - CH : CH - C6H4 - OC8H17 (n) (para) have been synthesized and studied with a view to correlate the thermotropic liquid crystal (LC) behavioural properties and the molecular structure of a substance. Present novel series consisted of eleven homologue members (C1 to C16) whose, only nematogenic mesomorphism commences from C3 homologue and continued upto C16 homologue in enantiotropic manner with absence of smectogenic character. Transition temperatures and textures of nematic phase were determined using an optical polarizing microscopy equipped with a heating stage (POM). Transition curve Cr-N/I behaved in normal manner. N-I transition curve exhibited odd-even effect and deviated from its normal descending tendency from and beyond C8 homologue and adopted serpantile shape from C8 to C16 homologue in deviating manner. Textures of the nematic phase are threaded or schlieren. Analytical and spectral data supported molecular structures of homologues. Thermal stability for nematic is 112.66 and the degree of mesomorphism vary from 5.00C to 44.00C at the C12 andC4 homologue respectively. It is a middle ordered melting type series, whose relative group efficiency order for nematic derived.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 60)
N.R. Muniya and V.R. Patel, "Molecular Rigidity/Flexibility Dependence of Mesomorphism", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 60, pp. 120-128, 2015
Online since:
Sep 2015