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International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
Volume 56


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Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Optical Properties of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Pulse Laser Deposition

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TiO2 thin films were prepared by pulse laser deposition technique on glass substrates with laser power 700 mJ and 900 shot at distance 1cm under vacuum of 10-2 mbar with different annealing temperature (273, 373, 423)K. The influences of the annealing temperature on the optical properties of TiO2 thin films were mainly investigated. TiO2 is a wide band gap n-type semi-conductor that has a wide range of applications. It was found that the optical properties of TiO2 thin films were dependent on the annealing temperature. The values of optical energy gap decreases from (3.4 to 3.2) eV when increasing annealing temperature. The optical constants such as refractive index, extinction coefficient, real and imaginary dielectric constants as a function of wavelength were determined.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 56)
K. A. Aadim et al., "Effect of Annealing Temperature on the Optical Properties of TiO2 Thin Films Prepared by Pulse Laser Deposition", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 56, pp. 63-70, 2015
Online since:
Jul 2015

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