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International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy
Volume 55


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Intensification of Heat Transfer in Cavity Partially Heated and Filled with Nanofluid (Cu-Water)

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Natural convection in a rectangular cavity with aspect ratio (Ax), partially heated and filled with a nanofluid (Cu-Water) has been studied numerically. Two heat sources with length (B) are placed on the opposite vertical walls; the remainder of the walls is maintained adiabatic while the horizontal walls are brought to a cold temperature. The equations governing the flow are solved using a finite volume home code using a multigrid technique. Among the parameters governing the flow, a detailed study on the effects of the aspect ratio (Ax) and the length of the source (B) on flow and heat transfer rate is given. The results are shown in terms of streamlines and isotherms. It was found that the transfer of heat significantly increases with the aspect ratio (Ax) and the length of the source (B). A correlation expressing the Nusselt number as a function of (Ax) and d is established.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 55)
R. Jmai et al., "Intensification of Heat Transfer in Cavity Partially Heated and Filled with Nanofluid (Cu-Water)", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 55, pp. 173-179, 2015
Online since:
Jul 2015

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