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Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of N-(Ferrocenylmethyl)Aminobenzonitrile and N-(Ferrocenylmethyl)Nitroaniline Derivatives

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Seven novel ferrocene derivatives containing (methylamino)benzonitrile and N-methylnitroaniline groups (3a-3f and 4) have been synthesized by conventional methods and characterized by FT-IR, NMR and cyclic voltammetry. The electrochemical behavior of these compounds (3a-3f) has been studied by cyclic voltammetry measurements at a platinum electrode in acetonitrile/0.1 M TBAP. The ferrocenyl group in all compounds showed similar reversible one-electron redox process, suggesting that the ferrocene moieties are equivalent and that there are no interactions among them. The formal potential, , is shifted to the more positive potential, indicating that the (methylamino)benzonitrile and N-methylnitroaniline introduced to ferrocene moiety exercise an electron-withdrawing effect.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 49)
C. Boubekri et al., "Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of N-(Ferrocenylmethyl)Aminobenzonitrile and N-(Ferrocenylmethyl)Nitroaniline Derivatives", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 49, pp. 27-34, 2015
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April 2015

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