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ILCPA > ILCPA Volume 45 > Optical Characterization of NiO Doped Fe2O3
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Optical Characterization of NiO Doped Fe2O3

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In this paper, the Fe2O3 thin film were prepared with various ratios doping of NiO by spray pyrolysis method on glass substrate temperature 400 °C. The initial solution was including a 0.1 M/L for both NiCl2 and FeCl3 diluted with redistilled water and a few drops of HCl. The effect of NiO-doping on optical properties were studied. UV-Visible spectrophotometer in the range of (300-900) nm used to determine absorbance spectra. The transmittance increased with increasing NiO content in NiO:Fe2O3 thin films, same behavior of extinction coefficient and skin depth. The energy gap increased from 2.45 eV before doping to 2.86 eV after 3% NiO-doping. While the reflectance, absorption coefficient, and refractive index are decreased with increasing NiO content in Fe2O3 thin films.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 45)
S. S. Chiad, "Optical Characterization of NiO Doped Fe2O3", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 45, pp. 50-58, 2015
Online since:
January 2015

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