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Ultrasonic Speed, Density, Viscosity and Associated Acoustical Parameters of Chloroform Solutions of Symmetric Double Schiff Bases at 308.15K

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The density, viscosity and ultrasonic speed (2MHz) of chloroform and symmetric double Schiff bases have been investigated at 308.15K. Various acoustical parameters such as specific acoustical impedance (Z), adiabatic compressibility (Кa), Rao’s molarsound function (Rm), Vander Waals constant (b), internal pressure (π), free volume (Vf), intermolecular free path length (Lf), classical absorption coefficient (α/f2)Cl) and viscous relaxation time (τ) were determined using ultrasonic speed (U), viscosity (η) and density (ρ) data of Schiff bases solutions and correlated with concentration. Increasing linear or nonlinear trends of (Z, Rm, b, τ and (α/f2)Cl) and decreasing trend of Кa, Lf,, π and Vf with increasing concentration of Schiff bases suggested presence of strong molecular interactions in the solutions and solvophilic nature of the Schiff bases, which is further supported by the positive values of solvation number. The nature and position of substituent also affected the strength of molecular interactions.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 45)
B.J. Gangani and P. H. Parsania, "Ultrasonic Speed, Density, Viscosity and Associated Acoustical Parameters of Chloroform Solutions of Symmetric Double Schiff Bases at 308.15K", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 45, pp. 16-23, 2015
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January 2015

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