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Operational Restrictions on Morphing of Quasi-Geometric 4D Physical Spaces

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Since a hierarchical notion of dimension is needed to ensure that a virtual, indirect orthogonality of dimensions is maintained in higher-dimensional spatial structures, a generic function for furling and unfurling of the fourth dimension in four-dimensional (4D) spatial structures is proposed. The furling allows three extra dimensions (above the regular three) in a 6D algebraic structure to be represented as a single fourth dimension and thus effectively facilitates morphing of the 4D spacetime into its dual 4D timespace. The effect of the furling of the extra three dimensions resembles that of compactification proposed by Kaluza-Klein theory yet without curling of the furled dimension. The furling supports reexpansion of stringy space into yet another dimension and so enables mapping of radius R (of a closed string being squeezed beyond its minimal radius) into an inverse radius 1/R, which was attributed to string duality, but is shown as due to duality of the 4D spatial structures of spacetime and timespace. Mathematically, it may appear as if further squeezing of the minimal string morphs it into an expanding pointletlike energy bubble so that the stringy spacetime reexpands in a new direction/dimension located within the bubbly dual timespace. So vibrating string is a mirror image of an energy bubblet, both of which do represent the same stringlet. By analogy, particle cast in spacetime could appear mathematically as having a mirror image (or its superpartner) cast in the dual timespace.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 41)
J. Czajko "Operational Restrictions on Morphing of Quasi-Geometric 4D Physical Spaces", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 41, pp. 45-72, 2015
Online since:
Nov 2014