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Nanostructured CdO Thin Films for LPG and CO2 Gas Sensor Prepared by Spray Pyrolisis Technique

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Nanostructured CdO thin films were deposited by spray pyrolysis techniques at different spray deposition time on glass substrates. Nanostructured CdO thin films was prepared using 0.05 M of cadmium acetate dehydrate (CH3COO) 2Cd·2H2O) was dissolved in the deionised water. These thin films were annealing in air at temperatures 500 °C for 60 min. The thickness of the films, crystallite and grain size were observed to increase with the increase in spray deposition time. As prepared thin films were characterized using XRD, FE-SEM and EDAX. The XRD analysis shows that CdO films were cubic structured. The electrical and gas sensing properties of these films were investigated. Prepared nanostructure CdO thin films show LPG (S = 1600) and CO2 (S = 435) gas response at different operating temperature. Gas response, selectivity, response and recovery time of the sensor were measured and presented.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 37)
R.H. Bari and S.B. Patil, "Nanostructured CdO Thin Films for LPG and CO2 Gas Sensor Prepared by Spray Pyrolisis Technique", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 37, pp. 31-46, 2014
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August 2014

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