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Preparation of Network π-Conjugated Copolymers with Ullmann Type Polycondensation

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Ullmann type polycondensations in the presence of CuI and a base were carried out to afford network type π-conjugated copolymers. Infrared absorption spectroscopy measurements and surface observation using a scanning electron microscopy are carried out. Electron spin resonance spectroscopy measurements revealed that the cross-linked copolymers thus obtained contain small amount of copper. This polymerization conveniently allows production of network π-conjugated polymers. The polymer can be expected to have thermo-resistance.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 25)
K. Nakajima and H. Goto, "Preparation of Network π-Conjugated Copolymers with Ullmann Type Polycondensation", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 25, pp. 33-38, 2014
Online since:
January 2014

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