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Effect on Magnetic Properties of Zinc Doped Nano Ferrites Synthesized by Precursor or Method

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Nanocrystalline Cu-Zn ferrites have been synthesized using precursor method. Cu-Zn ferrites were formed at low temperature without any impurities. The particle sizes were observed to decrease from 60 nm to 50 nm with increasing non-magnetic Zn doping. Cu is used to decrease the sintering temperature. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) and IR analysis of Cu-Zn revealed the formation of Single-Phase Spinel structure at very low annealing temperature. The particle sizes observed from XRD is very well in agreement with SEM analysis. Cu-Zn ferrite nanoparticles were observed to be dependent on the particle size. Saturation (Ms) and Remanence (Mr) magnetization of ferrites increases due to the modifications occurred among the A-B, A-A and B-B interactions of Spinel structure. The Coercive force (Hc) decreases with increase of Zn ions concentration.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 19)
T. Anjaneyulu et al., "Effect on Magnetic Properties of Zinc Doped Nano Ferrites Synthesized by Precursor or Method", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 19, pp. 37-43, 2013
Online since:
October 2013

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