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Development and Validation of Spectrophotometric Methods for the Quantification of Solifenacin Succinate: Application to Tablet Dosage Forms

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Four sensitive, precise and accurate spectrophotometric methods for the estimation of solifenacin succinate (SFS) have been developed. Method A describes the interaction of SFS with potassium permanganate in alkaline medium to give green colored manganate ion with absorption maxima at 610 nm. Methods B and C are based on the formation of ternary complexes of SFS with, copper (II)/eosin (method B) and ammonium molybdate/ammonium thiocyanate (method C), respectively which are extracted into chloroform and have absorption maxima at 545 nm (method B) and 465 nm (method C). Method D was based on the formation of yellow colored ion-pair complex between bromocresol green and SFS in dichloromethane medium with absorption maxima at 415 nm. Regression analysis of Beer's law plot showed good correlation in the concentration range of 5-50, 2.5-50, 10-100 and 2-20 μg/mL for methods A, B, C and D, respectively. Different variables affecting the reaction were studied and optimized. The proposed methods were applied successfully for the analysis of SFS in tablets dosage forms. No interference was observed from common pharmaceutical excipients.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 15)
B. S. V. Seshamamba et al., "Development and Validation of Spectrophotometric Methods for the Quantification of Solifenacin Succinate: Application to Tablet Dosage Forms", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 15, pp. 167-182, 2013
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June 2013

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