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Advanced Patented Protective Nanomaterials and Coatings

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Review of the advanced patents in the field of corrosion resistant coatings and composite polymer materials by company Polymate LTD.-INRC (Israel) and its employees. The review includes patents used by the industry of several countries of Europe, USA, Canada and Asia.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 15)
O. L. Figovsky et al., "Advanced Patented Protective Nanomaterials and Coatings", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 15, pp. 102-109, 2013
Online since:
June 2013

O. Figovsky, A. Leykin, Nanoindustry 1(39) (2013) 8-12.

A. Kuznetsov, O. Figovsky, I. Kim, V. Solomatov, SU Patent 1070144 A, Composition for impregnation of floors, (1980).

A. Kuzmak, P. Agasyan, A. Kuteinikov, O. Figovsky, Yu. Zaharov, A. Kozheurov, SU Patent 1381375 A1, The method for evaluating the protective characteristics of polymeric coatings, (1982).

L. Sklyarsky, O. Figovsky, US Patent 5, 880, 203, Adhesive composition, (1999).

O. Figovsky, US Patent 6, 120, 905. Hybrid nonisocyanate polyurethane network polymers and composites formed therefrom, (2000).

O. Figovsky, L. Shapovalov, N. Blank, F. Buslov: US Patent 6, 407, 198, Cyclocarbonate groups containing hydroxyamine oligomers from epoxycylclocarbonates, (2002).

O. Figovsky, L. Shapovalov, R. Potashnikov, Yu. Tzaid, J. C. M. Bordado, D. Letnik, A. De Schrijver, US Patent 6, 960, 619, Foamable photo-polymerized composition, (2005).

O. Figovsky, L. Shapovalov, US Patent 7, 232, 877, Preparation of oligomeric cyclocarbonates and their use in nonisocyanate or hybrid nonisocyanate polyurethanes, (2007).

O. Birukov, D. Beilin, O. Figovsky, A. Leykin, L. Shapovalov, US Patent application 20100144966, Liquid oligomer composition containing hydroxylamine adducts and method of manufacturing thereof, (2010).

O. Birukov, D. Beilin, O. Figovsky, A. Leykin, L. Shapovalov, US Patent 7, 820, 779, Nanostructured hybrid oligomer composition, (2010).

O. Birukov, O. Figovsky, A. Leykin, L. Shapovalov, US Patent 7, 989, 553. Epoxy-amine composition modified with hydroxyalkyl urethane, (2011).

O. Birukov, O. Figovsky, A. Leykin, R. Potashnikov, L. Shapovalov, US Patent Application 20120208967, Method of producing hybrid polyhydroxyurethane network on a base of carbonated-epoxidized unsaturated fatty acid triglycerides, (2012).

O. Figovsky, US Patent 6, 303, 683, Liquid ebonite mixtures and coatings and concretes formed therefrom, (2001).

O. Figovsky, US Patent 7, 989, 541, Liquid solventless synthetic-rubber-based composition, (2011).

V. Karchevsky, O. Figovsky, F. Romm, L. Shapovalov, US Patent 6, 329, 059, Polymeric composition having self-extinguishing properties, (2001).

V. Karchevsky, O. Figovsky, F. Romm, O. Aksenov, Z. Fiskin, A. But, US Patent 6, 337, 036, Conductive composition having self-extinguishing properties, (2002).

Yu. Potapov, Yu. Borisov, O. Figovsky, RU Patent 2, 135, 425. Polymer concrete mix, (1999).

Yu. Potapov, Yu. Shutilin, Yu. Borisov, V. Chmykhov, E. Savchenko, A. Polykutin, D. Panfilov, O. Figovsky, A. Samotsvetov, A. Mamonova, N. Trojnina, RU Patent 2, 185, 346, Organic concrete blend, (2002).

D. Beilin, Yu. Borisov, O. Figovsky, I. Surovtsev, RU Patent 2, 408, 552, Nanostructuring binder for composite construction materials, (2011).

Yu. Borisov, A. Anisimov, O. Figovsky, RU Patent Application 2011140460 A, Polymer concrete composition, 2011. ( Received 25 May 2013; accepted 28 May 2013 ).

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