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Effect of Additives on Maximizing Petrol Production from Crude Oil and Investigation of Properties

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The objectives of this work were concentrated to investigate the enhancement of petrol distillate production from crude oil after treating with two additives. Attempts were also made to find out the mechanisms, those are responsible for enhancing the quantity and quality of petrol from crude oil by straight run refining process. From this study, it has been illustrated that the yield of petrol was directly proportional to the lubricating oil and inversely proportional to the bitumen asphalt content in the hydrocarbon mixture influenced by both physical and chemical reasons. The yield of petrol was increased ca. 4 % (w/w) when 0.25 % (w/w) additive-1 was used for blending before distillation. The physical properties of distillate petrol product were studied as well as the chemical quality was determined by TGA, 1H-NMR and GC-MS photometer.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 11)
M. Ashaduzzaman and M. Yunus Miah, "Effect of Additives on Maximizing Petrol Production from Crude Oil and Investigation of Properties", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 11, pp. 6-16, 2013
Online since:
April 2013

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