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Theoretical Study of Ferroelectric Triglycine Sulphate (TGS) Crystal in External Electric Fields

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A modified two sub-lattice pseudospin-lattice coupled mode model of Mitsui et al [Phys. Rev., 111 (1958) 1259] by adding third, fourth order phonon anharmonic interaction and external electric field terms has been applied to ferroelectric triglycine sulphate crystal. Electric field dependence of ferroelectric, dielectric and acoustical properties has been studied. With the help of double time temperature dependent Green’s function method, expressions for shift, width, soft mode frequency, dielectric constant, loss tangent and acoustic attenuation have been derived. Numerically calculations have been made and results have been compared with experimental data reported by Bye et al [Ferroelectrics 4 (1974) 243] and Shreekumar et al [Ferroelectrics 160 (1994) 23] for TGS crystal and a good agreement has been observed.


International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy (Volume 11)
T. C. Upadhyay and A. Nautiyal, "Theoretical Study of Ferroelectric Triglycine Sulphate (TGS) Crystal in External Electric Fields", International Letters of Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Vol. 11, pp. 54-65, 2013
Online since:
April 2013

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