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A Molecular Docking Study of N-Ferrocenylmethylnitroanilines as Potential Anticancer Drugs

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In the present study, the interaction of the protein structure of Escherichia coli DNA Gyrase-A (EcGyr-A) extracted from protein data bank (PDB Code: 1AB4) with ligands N-ferrocenylmethyl-2-nitroaniline (2FMNA), N-ferrocenylmethyl-3-nitroaniline (3FMNA) and N-ferrocenylmethyl-4-nitroaniline (4FMNA) were investigated by performing docking studies using the Molegro Virtual Docker (MVD) software. The results obtained showed that the best poses which is derived from MolDock score for Escherichia coli DNA Gyrase-A were respectively equal to-92.0111, -96.0866 and-95.6808 with reranking score equal to-40.9575, -73.4476 and-73.6423. Calculations revealed that 3FMNA react strongly with EcGyr-A followed by 4-FMNA and 2-FMNA.


International Journal of Pharmacology, Phytochemistry and Ethnomedicine (Volume 2)
T. Lanez and E. Lanez, "A Molecular Docking Study of N-Ferrocenylmethylnitroanilines as Potential Anticancer Drugs", International Journal of Pharmacology, Phytochemistry and Ethnomedicine, Vol. 2, pp. 5-12, 2016
Online since:
May 2016

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