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IJPMS > IJPMS Volume 17 > Traces in SL(3,C) and SU(2,1) Groups
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Traces in SL(3,C) and SU(2,1) Groups

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In this paper we prove some trace identities in SL(3,C) and SU(2,1) groups. We also present the merits on how to parametrise pair of pants via traces and cross-ratio. Finally, we compute traces of matrices that are generated by complex reflections in complex triangle groups.


International Journal of Pure Mathematical Sciences (Volume 17)
D. Y.B. Annor and R. K. Boadi, "Traces in SL(3,C) and SU(2,1) Groups", International Journal of Pure Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 17, pp. 19-29, 2016
Online since:
October 2016

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