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IJPMS > IJPMS Volume 16 > On the Negative Pell Equation y2=45x2-11
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On the Negative Pell Equation y2=45x2-11

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The binary quadratic equation represented by the negative pellian y2=45x2-11 is analyzed for its distinct integer solutions. A few interesting relations among the solutions are also given. Further, employing the solutions of the above hyperbola, we have obtained solutions of other choices of hyperbolas, parabolas and special Pythagorean triangle.


International Journal of Pure Mathematical Sciences (Volume 16)
M.A. Gopalan et al., "On the Negative Pell Equation y2=45x2-11", International Journal of Pure Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 16, pp. 30-36, 2016
Online since:
March 2016

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