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Volume 18, April 2020

International Journal of Engineering and Technologies

ISSN: 2297-623X


IJET Volume 18

Online since: April 2020


This volume describes the optimization of quantum well solar cells where thicknesses of different layers have been varied to obtain the optimum thickness for maximum efficiency; the effect of cooling rate on the as-cast structure and mechanical properties of an Al-Si eutectic alloy and other factors such as pouring temperature, melt treatments, physical and thermal properties of the mould, and alloy composition constant.


IJET Volume 17

Online since: May 2019


This volume of the International Journal of Engineering and Technologies presents the newest investigations concerned with parametric finite element analysis of a spider connector used in façade and floor glazing systems; development of the insulating material from the coconut husk and disposable diaper pads fibers with further determination of its thermal properties as well as carrying out an investigation of the mechanical properties of palm kernel fibre reinforced with a waste water sachet material (polyethylene); evaluation of the inhibition efficiency and adsorption mechanism of Cola nitida Schott & Endl. leaves extract on mild steel protection at different concentrations and conditions; estimation of the tribiological behaviour of periwinkle shell powder-filled recycled polypropylene composites.


IJET Volume 16

Online since: March 2019

Description: This volume of the International Journal of Engineering and Technologies reveals the latest scientific findings dealt with development of a protective epoxy coating to prevent the microbial induced corrosion in reinforced concrete sewers as well as investigation of the Nsu clay from south-eastern Nigeria to alumina leaching in hydrochloric acid solution with reference to the thermal treatments; evaluation of the combining effect of the agricultural residues on the yield and quality of bio-oil production; determination of the optimal allocation and impact of distributed generation on electric power system in terms of power loss reduction.


IJET Volume 15

Online since: November 2018


This volume of the International Journal of Engineering and Technologies highlights the latest scientific outputs concerned with investigation of the effect of finite clamping torque on static and dynamic response of cantilever beam of different slenderness ratio as well as development and design of a satisfactory, affordable and effective hand-crank sheller capable of utilizing different shelling mechanisms. A review devoted to observation of the various pretreatment technologies involved in the biochemical conversion of biomass to bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass can also be found in the volume.


IJET Volume 14

Online since: September 2018

Description: This volume of the International Journal of Engineering and Technologies reports on the latest scientific researches dealt with development a new hybrid system of off-line analytical recognition of Arabic handwriting combining a neural network type multi-layer perceptron and hidden Markov models; studding the dependencies between flammability, combustibility, fume evolution of epoxy matrix composites and amount and chemical type of fillers and admixtures; exploration the control characteristics of three axis paraleel mechanism using a microcontroller and c++ language.


IJET Volume 13

Online since: December 2017


IJET Volume 12

Online since: October 2017


IJET Volume 11

Online since: July 2017


IJET Volume 10

Online since: March 2017


IJET Volume 9

Online since: December 2016