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Annealing Effects on the Some Optical Properties of Fe2O3 Thin Films Doped by NiO

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Nickel oxide doped Fe2O3 thin films have been prepared by spray pyrolysis technique on glass substrate. The initial solution was including a 0.1 M/L for both NiCl2 and FeCl3 diluted with redistilled water and a few drops of HCl. The effect of annealing temperature on optical properties was studied, using UV-Visible spectrophotometer to determine absorption spectra at a thickness of 400 nm. The reflectance increased with increasing annealing temperature, such as α, k, and n.While the transmittance decreases with increasing annealing temperature and the energy gap decreased from 2.68 eV before annealing to 2.70 eV after 500°C annealing temperature.


International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 8)
N. F. Habubi et al., "Annealing Effects on the Some Optical Properties of Fe2O3 Thin Films Doped by NiO", International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, Vol. 8, pp. 44-50, 2016
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August 2016

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