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Rate-Equation Analysis for a Coupled-Cavity Laser with MMI Anti-Phase Coupler

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Rate equations are derived for the coupled-cavity laser with a multimode-interference coupler. A strategy and scheme is indicated for iterative self-consistent numerical solution of the steady-state equations. The presence of the linewidth-enhancement parameter is explicitly taken into account. Locking in stable single-mode anti-phase operation is numerically demonstrated and locking ranges are given. Numerical results are given for the output power and the operation frequency as functions of the pump strengths of the individual lasers. The shapes of output-intensity curves agree well with measured curves.


International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 8)
D. Lenstra, "Rate-Equation Analysis for a Coupled-Cavity Laser with MMI Anti-Phase Coupler", International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, Vol. 8, pp. 14-23, 2016
Online since:
August 2016

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