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Optimization of Wear Performance of Electroless Ni-B Coating under Lubrication

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This paper presents an experimental study on tribological behavior of electroless Ni-B coating under lubricated condition based on Taguchi’s method. Mild steel specimens are used as the substrate material for the deposition of Ni-B coating and the thickness of the deposits is found to be around 35 μm. Based on Taguchi’s L27 orthogonal array of experiments, the wear tests are done on a pin-on-disc type tribotester This experiment is carried out by utilizing the combination of process parameters of the tribotester like normal load, sliding speed and duration of sliding. The analysis of the experimental data is carried out with the help of MINITAB® software package. It is seen that the normal load is the most significant factor followed by sliding time at 99% confidence level. The surface morphology, composition and compound analysis of the coatings are done by means of scanning electron microscope, energy dispersed X-ray micro-analyzer and X-ray diffraction analyzer respectively. Finally, a confirmation test is carried out to validate the analysis.


International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 7)
S. Duari et al., "Optimization of Wear Performance of Electroless Ni-B Coating under Lubrication", International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, Vol. 7, pp. 94-103, 2016
Online since:
May 2016

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