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Inhibitive Effect of Costus afer Extracts on Mild Steel Corrosion in Acidic Medium

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Inhibition effect of Costus afer on mild steel in 0.5 M HCl was studied using gravimetric method at room temperature. It was found out that Costus afer inhibited the corrosion of mild steel in the acidic environment and that the efficiency of inhibition increased as the concentration of the inhibitor in the environment increased. The data was used to test different isotherms and it suited the Langmuir isotherm. A value of -15.995 kJmol-1 was gotten for the ∆Goads. This value showed that the extracts of Costus afer inhibited the corrosion process through physiosorption mechanism. The high value of inhibition efficiency of the extract as the concentration increased in rationalized in terms of the increase in herteroatoms, saponnins and tannins which are present in the extract.


International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 7)
L. A. Nnanna et al., "Inhibitive Effect of Costus afer Extracts on Mild Steel Corrosion in Acidic Medium", International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, Vol. 7, pp. 60-67, 2016
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May 2016

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