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Tribological Behaviour of Periwinkle Shell Powder-Filled Recycled Polypropylene Composites

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Polymer composites are increasingly replacing metals in structures such as gears, wheels, clutches, housings, bushings and other areas where tribology is of great importance. Various ways are used to improve the tribological behaviour of neat polymers, and the most familiar method is the incorporation of fibres/fillers in the polymer to produce composites. In this present research, the tribological behaviour of periwinkle shell powder-filled recycled polypropylene composite was studied. Injection moulding was used for the preparation of the composites and the impact strength, wear resistance and fatigue strength were examined. SEM was utilized to support the discussion of the results. The results showed that the incorporation of periwinkle shell powder into polypropylene improved the wear resistance and fatigue strength but showed no improvement in impact strength.


International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 17)
C. Onuoha, "Tribological Behaviour of Periwinkle Shell Powder-Filled Recycled Polypropylene Composites", International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, Vol. 17, pp. 11-20, 2019
Online since:
May 2019

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