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Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation in Power System for Power System Loss Reduction Using ETAP

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Because of increasing interest in renewable energy sources in recent times, the studies concerning integration of Distributed Generation (DG) to power grid have been increased rapidly. Apart from other benefits, loss reduction and voltage profile improvement are its salient features. Non-optimal locations of DG units may lead to increase power losses. Optimal location of DGs in power systems is vital to maximize overall system efficiency. In this approach, optimization techniques have been applied to determine the optimal allocation and impact of DG on electric power system in terms of power loss reduction are analyzed. The Newton Raphson load flow analysis has been carried out on 10 bus system using ETAP software which shows that active power losses were reduced from 3302.2 KW to 400.7 KW after the installation of 5MW.


International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 16)
S. Khan et al., "Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation in Power System for Power System Loss Reduction Using ETAP", International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, Vol. 16, pp. 7-19, 2019
Online since:
March 2019

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