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A Review on Stress and Deformation Analysis of Curved Beams under Large Deflection

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The paper presents a review on large deflection behavior of curved beams, as manifested through the responses under static loading. The term large deflection behavior refers to the inherent nonlinearity present in the analysis of such beam system response. The analysis leads to the field of geometric nonlinearity, in which equation of equilibrium is generally written in deformed configuration. Hence the domain of large deflection analysis treats beam of any initial configuration as curved beam. The term curved designates the geometry of center line of beam, distinguishing it from the usual straight or circular arc configuration. Different methods adopted by researchers, to analyze large deflection behavior of beam bending, have been taken into consideration. The methods have been categorized based on their application in various formats of problems. The nonlinear response of a beam under static loading is also a function of different parameters of the particular problem. These include boundary condition, loading pattern, initial geometry of the beam, etc. In addition, another class of nonlinearity is commonly encountered in structural analysis, which is associated with nonlinear stress-strain relations and known as material nonlinearity. However the present paper mainly focuses on geometric nonlinear analysis of beam, and analysis associated with nonlinear material behavior is covered briefly as it belongs to another class of study. Research works on bifurcation instability and vibration responses of curved beams under large deflection is also excluded from the scope of the present review paper.


International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (Volume 11)
S. Ghuku and K. N. Saha, "A Review on Stress and Deformation Analysis of Curved Beams under Large Deflection", International Journal of Engineering and Technologies, Vol. 11, pp. 13-39, 2017
Online since:
July 2017

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