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Volume 21, October 2021

International Journal of Engineering and Technologies

ISSN: 2297-623X

Journal is published and owned by SciPress Ltd since 2016 year

International Journal of Engineering and Technologies (IJET) is an open-access peer-reviewed scholarly journal, the former journal Evolving Trends in Engineering and Technology (ETET). Providing an interface between technology and engineering, the journal publishes fundamental research, original scientific manuscripts, applied research, and in-depth reviews that report the latest findings and developments in the fields of engineering science and technology. Its main focus lies in the areas of Classical engineering namely mechanical, electrical, electronic, civil, and Modern engineering namely chemical, process, manufacturing, automotive, materials, corrosions, and industrial engineering. The research papers in mathematics that have relevance to engineering will be considered for publication in the journal as well.

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Open Special Issue: Evolving Nanotechnology Based Devices and Applications


The primary goal of the International Journal of Engineering and Technologies is to present the latest scientific achievements in the field of engineering science and technology to the global academic community and serve as a platform for communication and dissemination of scientific knowledge. The journal offers an interdisciplinary forum for open scientific dialogue and academic exchange between scientists, researchers, engineers, and experts from around the world.

The Journal’s scope is not limited to a specific narrow field of science but encompasses a broad range of subfields in the engineering sciences. Therefore, the journal welcomes submissions from new and established scientists, scholars, and researchers who wish to present their theoretical or empirical findings and make their contribution to advancing the frontier of science. In addition, the journal welcomes original research papers in mathematics that have relevance to engineering sciences and discuss physical and/or engineering implications of the obtained results.


The focus of the Journal includes but is not limited to:

• Chemical engineering;
• Materials engineering;
• Process engineering;
• Corrosion engineering;
• Civil engineering;
• Structural engineering;
• Electronic engineering;
• Electrical engineering;
• Optical engineering;
• Mechanical engineering;
• Automotive engineering and technologies;
• Surface engineering;
• Industrial engineering;
• Energy engineering;
• Applied engineering;
• Sustainable engineering;
• Renewable energy engineering;
• Marine engineering and technologies;
• Manufacturing engineering.

Type of Materials Published: Research papers, Review papers


Review Policy: All submitted papers undergo single-blind peer review.

Payment Policy: The Publication Fee of 180 USD is required after final acceptance of the paper. There are no hidden article processing charges.

Regularity: twice a year

Contact us:

IJET Editorial Office
SciPress Ltd., Seestrasse 24c, CH-8806 Bach, Switzerland
Tel +41 44 5000-400; Fax +41 44 5000-600

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This journal is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.