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Volume 15, February 2020

International Frontier Science Letters

ISSN: 2349-4484


IFSL Volume 15

Online since: February 2020

Description: This volume of the journal International Frontier Science Letters reflects the last results in the area of mathematic modeling the unsteady flow of a thermo-viscous fluid over a flat plate with an oscillating bottom for the various material parameters what is important for the study of geophysical fluid dynamics, design of chemical technologies and industrial equipment. In the journal, also analyzed the dependence of the relativistic angular momentum of a uniform ball on the radius and angular velocity of rotation, and the obtained results were used to calculate the angular momentum and the moment of inertia of the neutron star PSR J1614-2230 and proton.


IFSL Volume 14

Online since: March 2019

Description: This volume of the journal International Frontier Science Letters is opened by the article devoted to the examination of the equilibrium position, stability properties and local bifurcation of the human heart valve leaflets in terms of a valid heart valve model. In the second article, there are obtained some results by applying and analysing the generalized Poynting theorem to the equilibrium system of particles. Additionally, an analytical method is proposed for solving singular integral equations and system of singular integral equations.


IFSL Volume 13

Online since: May 2018


IFSL Volume 12

Online since: August 2017


IFSL Volume 11

Online since: March 2017


IFSL Volume 10

Online since: December 2016


IFSL Volume 9

Online since: August 2016


IFSL Volume 8

Online since: June 2016


IFSL Volume 7

Online since: March 2016


IFSL Volume 6

Online since: December 2015