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Analysis of MHD Forced Convective Flow of Variable Fluid Properties over a Saturated Porous Medium with Thermal Radiation Effect

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The present paper addresses the problem of MHD forced convective flow in a fluid saturated porous medium with Brinkman-Forchheimer model, which is an important physical phenomena in engineering applications. The paper extends the previous models to account for effects of variable fluid properties on the forced convective flow through a porous medium in the presence of radiative heat loss using bivariate spectral relaxation method (BSRM). The dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity of the newtonian fluid are assumed to vary linearly respectively, with temperature whereas the contribution of thermal radiative heat loss is based on Rosseland diffussion approximation. The flow model is described and expressed in form of a highly coupled nonlinear system of partial differential equations. The method of solution BSRM as proposed by Motsa [25] seeks to decouple the original system of PDEs to form a sequence of equations that can be solved in a computationally efficient manner. BSRM is an approach that applies spectral collocation independently in all underlying independent variable is executed to obtain approximate solutions of the problem. The proposed algorithm is supposed to be a very accurate, convergent and very effective in generating numerical results. The results obtained show a significant effects of the flow control parameters on the fluid velocity and temperature respectively. Consequently, the wall shear stress and local heat transfer rate of the present paper are compared with the available results in literatures. Remarkable impacts and a good agreement are found.


International Frontier Science Letters (Volume 9)
K. S. Adegbie and A. I. Fagbade, "Analysis of MHD Forced Convective Flow of Variable Fluid Properties over a Saturated Porous Medium with Thermal Radiation Effect", International Frontier Science Letters, Vol. 9, pp. 47-65, 2016
Online since:
August 2016

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