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Compare the Quality of Consultation and Psychotherapy Government Agencies and the Private Sector in Kurdistan Province

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Each organization for growth and progress should pay attention to self-assessment. The feedback process evaluation and quality improvement organizational weakness. This study aimed to compare the quality of consultation and psychotherapy government agencies and the private sector in Kurdistan province. The research is descriptive and comparative. The study population included all psychotherapy and counseling centers in Kurdistan and all the patients at the centers. For this purpose, the sampling method chosen 16 of them to approach the clients available, 400 people were selected from public and private facilities and questionnaire quality services with 49 question of Jafari with the reliability of 0.83 and a correlation coefficient of (Cronbach's alpha = 0.76), was carried out on them. To analyze the data independent t-test was used. The results showed that, between the quality and satisfaction of centers of consultation and psychotherapy government agencies and the private sector in Kurdistan province there is a significant difference. This means that client satisfaction was higher in finance of government agencies however in physical space, handling of personnel and equipment private sector achieved a higher rating.


International Frontier Science Letters (Volume 5)
S. Rahmani and M. Goodarzi, "Compare the Quality of Consultation and Psychotherapy Government Agencies and the Private Sector in Kurdistan Province", International Frontier Science Letters, Vol. 5, pp. 9-14, 2015
Online since:
October 2015

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Making better use of the Diagnostic Interview for diagnosis, appropriate advice on how to respond to the questions of freedom of references in asking questions, teaching sessions at least weekly meeting, held at least weekly group counseling sessions, the proportion of the content of the consultation According to the present without a name and address to confidentiality, time critical or non-critical on the issue of the appropriate authorities, authorities, registration authorities as advice and information, monitoring and evaluation (analysis of results of consultation) are an essential component to the consultation process it is the duty of any consultants that these principles apply to provide quality counseling. (Fryer, 2001) and efficient use of staff in the performance of consultants and client satisfaction is effective. (Bahlakeh, 2004) stated that the social and human relations that govern how the quality of human resources with client satisfaction there is a significant relationship.

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According to the results obtained in the table 4, client constituent satisfaction and public and private centers, statistically there is significant difference, but there is not much difference. The more accurate comparison clients constituent satisfaction, there was a significant difference between private and public institutions, but with the exception of two cases of satisfaction with the quality of the consent of the other the difference in the financial accessibility of less than a score. Check the ingredients satisfaction showed less satisfied clients access financial private sector than in government centers, the private sector is mainly due to limited coverage. The results for this hypothesis with research rafei (1380), and Jaafari and colleagues (2008).

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