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BSMaSS > BSMaSS Volume 15 > Generalized Reverse Derivations on Semiprime Rings
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Generalized Reverse Derivations on Semiprime Rings

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In this paper we extend our ideas from reverse derivation towards the Generalized reverse derivations on semiprime rings. In this Paper, we prove that if d is a non-zero reverse derivation of a semi prime ring R and f is a generalized reverse derivation, then is a strong commutativity preserving. Using this, we prove that R is commutative.


The Bulletin of Society for Mathematical Services and Standards (Volume 15)
C. J. S. Reddy et al., "Generalized Reverse Derivations on Semiprime Rings", The Bulletin of Society for Mathematical Services and Standards, Vol. 15, pp. 1-4, 2015
Online since:
October 2015

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