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An Inverse Thermoelastic Problem of Circular Plate

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The aim of this work is to determine the unknown temperature, displacement and thermal stresses on the upper surface of the circular plate subjected to arbitrary known interior temperature under Steady-state field. The fixed circular edge is thermally insulated and temperature of a lower surface of plate is kept at zero.The governing heat conduction equation has been solved by using the Hankel transform technique. The results are obtained in series form in terms of Bessel’s functions and results have been computed numerically and illustrated graphically.


The Bulletin of Society for Mathematical Services and Standards (Volume 1)
P. B. Gaikwad et al., "An Inverse Thermoelastic Problem of Circular Plate", The Bulletin of Society for Mathematical Services and Standards, Vol. 1, pp. 1-5, 2012
Online since:
March 2012

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