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Volume 22, October 2020

Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

ISSN: 2278-9634


BMSA Volume 22

Online since: October 2020

Description: This volume describes a solution of nonhomogeneous heat equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions. The main results of study are quite general in nature and yield some interesting solution of non-homogeneous heat equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions and it is used for problems of mathematical modeling and mathematical physics.


BMSA Volume 21

Online since: December 2019

Description: Articles presented in this volume of the Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications reflects the latest results of investigations in the area of applied mathematics related to the technique of the decomposition the time series of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration and to analyze the application of the method of invariants to the optimal stabilization problem in the control system.


BMSA Volume 20

Online since: November 2018


This volume of the Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications reports on the latest findings dealt with investigation of N-soliton solutions of the generalized shallow water wave equation with constant coefficients using inverse scattering transform method and Hirota’s bilinear method; calculation of the soliton solutions of space-time fractional-order modified extended Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation to investigate the waves in magnetized plasma physics; definition of the concept of spanning factorizations and investigation of some graphs; investigation of F-polynomial, multiple and hyper F-index for some molecular graphs.


BMSA Volume 19

Online since: August 2017


BMSA Volume 18

Online since: May 2017


BMSA Volume 17

Online since: November 2016


BMSA Volume 16

Online since: August 2016


BMSA Volume 15

Online since: May 2016


BMSA Volume 14

Online since: February 2016


BMSA Volume 13

Online since: October 2015