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An Unorthodox Parametric Measure of Information and Corresponding Measure of Intutionistic Fuzzy Information

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A new parametric function va(p)= log (1+a) - Σlog((1+api)/pi)-1,a>o is proposed for the probability distribution p1p2p3… … … pn and its properties are studied. In this paper the given functions is twice differentiable and is used to obtain the related measure of directed divergence, measure of intutionistic fuzzy entropy, measure of intutionistic fuzzy directed divergence. We also investigate the monotonic character of the proposed function.


Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (Volume 3)
P. Jha and V. K. Mishra, "An Unorthodox Parametric Measure of Information and Corresponding Measure of Intutionistic Fuzzy Information", Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Vol. 3, pp. 24-27, 2013
Online since:
February 2013

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