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Propagation of Solitary Waves in Warm Magnetized Plasma with Two Temperature Electrons

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Nonlinear wave structure of ion acoustic disturbances is investigated in magnetized plasma consisting of warm ions and two electron components, namely hot and cold. The basic set of fluid equations for the flow variables is reduced to a single equation known as Sagdeev Potential (SP) equation using non perturbative approach. The properties of solitary wave structures are studied by pseudo potential method, which is valid for arbitrary amplitude. The amplitude of the solitary waves and the depth of the potential well are found to decrease with the increase of the direction-cosine of the wave propagation. The ranges of temperature ratios (ion to electrons) for the existence of solitary waves and their effects on the plasma medium are studied in detail and presented graphically fordifferent sets of plasma parameters.


Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications (Volume 2)
N. Devi and L. Kalita, "Propagation of Solitary Waves in Warm Magnetized Plasma with Two Temperature Electrons", Bulletin of Mathematical Sciences and Applications, Vol. 2, pp. 41-47, 2012
Online since:
November 2012

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